Welcome to my blog!

My name is Megan and I grew up in the DC metro area.  After college, I decided to move to Baltimore and start my life there, but I eventually realized it never felt like “home” and it didn’t fit with who I am. After my dad, my best friend in the world, passed away in April 2016 from renal cancer, I decided the best way to honor him was to live my life to the fullest. One of those steps was to head back to where I feel the most “me” and I decided to move to Bethesda!

What is your education level? Do you have a job?

I graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and I have a Masters in Business Administration from Loyola College, with a specialization in Marketing.

I started a new job with the Department of Defense in December that has the craziest schedule!  I am a shiftworker and work 7 12-hour shifts per pay period.  The days I work are crazy, but I have 4 or 6-day weekends, which is amazing.  This schedule has enabled me to start traveling more often.  It has also taken some time to get used to and I have found that I need an outlet of productivity on my off time – and I figured I could share my love of fashion, food, fitness, and travel with all of you!

What will you be blogging about?

I plan to blog about fashion, food, fitness, beauty, travel, and anything else I can find!  I plan exploring a brand new city and writing about discoveries of places and people in Bethesda. I am redecorating my entire space and starting over with a clean slate.  I am also transferring from the Junior League of Baltimore to the Junior League of Washington and I plan to highlight the amazing volunteer work that we do. I can’t wait to share my passions with all of you!

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